Men's suits and separates to size 72 (blazers & slacks) including
shorts regulars, longs, X longs, portly fits, sports coats and athletic cuts.

Hardwick Clothes

'Attention Hardwick customers, group blazers are no longer being made. Please see page 11 and 12 for a good quality alternative, 15 colors to choose from in men's and women's. Contact us for more info'.

Hardwick Clothes, we offer their complete American made line. Produced in Cleveland, Tennessee since 1880. The oldest American made clothing company in the United States.

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Discount Mens suit

Men's Suit Separates is proud to be one of the few upscale wholesale mens suits stores the complete line. They produce a classic line of discount mens suits from its Cleveland, Tennessee-based factories, and is family-owned. In continuous operation since 1880, they are the oldest provider of mens suit separates and discount mens suits in the United States.

When buying mens suits online, choosing your coat and slacks sizes separately creates a better fit. By selecting Mens Suits Separates, youll save time and money because fewer alterations will be needed for your discount mens suits.

Suit separates are the perfect solution for anyone who needs alterations that go beyond the customary coat sleeves and pant length of discount mens suits.

Our suit separates are also ideal for athletes and body builders, as they may need discount mens suits with more or less room in the shoulders.

Mens Suit Separates is one of the few mens upscale clothing stores where one can buy mens suits online in sizes ranging from 35 to 72. You can purchase our discount mens suits in short, extra short, regular, long, extra long, and portly.

As one of the nations leading sellers of wholesale mens suits, we can pass some serious discounts on to the buyer. Our suits can be as much as 40% below department store prices. All our suits, as well as the other clothes we offer, ship directly to you from the factory, saving you time and money.

For example, the discount mens suits you see on page one would be $400 to $450 in other mens upscale clothing stores and specialty stores. As one of the leading sellers of mens suits online, we can offer prices ranging from $259 to $299, depending on the size you need.

You can order discount suits with:

  • Plain front slacks
  • Pleated slacks
  • All wool/polyester
  • Poly/wool blends
  • 2/3 button coats
  • Double breasted
  • Shorts
  • Regulars
  • Longs
  • Extra longs
  • Portlys

Our prices are web based and typically 40% below department store prices, everything ships direct to you from the factory saving time and money.

Example: The suits you see on page 1 are typically $400 - $450.00 in department and specialty stores, our price is $259.00 - $299.00 depending on size.

Order suits and other mens clothing online with our secure shopping cart or by phone, if desired.

There is no sales tax for mens suits or any other clothing from Mens Suit Separates sold outside of Connecticut.

Mens Suit Separates will offer a complete refund minus shipping charges if your items are returned unworn and unaltered, with tags still attached. Prior authorization needed.

Order online through our shopping cart or by phone if desired.

Buying separates means you can customize the size combination of coat & slack creating the perfect fit (just hem the bottoms). Order two slacks and extend the life.Everything ordered online & shipped within 48 hours.

Visa, Mastercard, and American Express accepted.Complete return for refund or exchange for all products if unworn and unaltered within 30 days minus shipping charges. Return authorization needed.


$5.00 of each transaction goes to each of these 3 charities.

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